Purchasing a trailer can feel like a process when you realize how many sizes, styles, and customized options that are out there for you to choose from. It is always best to measure twice, cut once- or in this case, purchase once. Follow these tips and tricks to find the trailer that will best suit your needs.


1. Purpose

Before you start to look at what trailer you want, you need to decide what it is you need the trailer for in the first place. Will you be using the trailer for work, towing heavy materials and tools from one job site to the next? Or will you be using it for family adventures with kayaks and ATVs? This will help you determine the type of trailer you’re looking for. Do you need ramps for loading and off-loading? Should you look into an open or enclosed trailer? Once you know its use, you’ll be able to determine the size of the trailer you need. If you’re towing material for work or kayaks for fun, you will need a trailer that is long enough to hold and keep your belongings safe and secure during travel. The weight of what you’ll be putting in the trailer is just as crucial as the size of the cargo as well.


2. Compatibility and Capability

Knowing the weight of your cargo is so important because each trailer has a specific payload it can take on. You’ll need to know how much weight you plan on pulling so you can find a trailer that can sustain the load safely. Your trailer, however, isn’t the only payload to consider. Your vehicle has a payload you must know and follow in order to tow your load safely no matter the distance you plan on traveling. If you drive a truck, you can take on a higher payload in comparison to a smaller car that may not have the same towing capacity. Your vehicle must also have the correct hitch installed with the correct weight rating so you can adequately and safely attach your trailer to your car. Before you go shopping for a trailer, know what you’re capable of taking on. The last thing you want is to cause unnecessary harm to your vehicle or trailer.

3. Safety

Not only do you want to carry your load from point A to point B efficiently, but you also want to do it safely. Following your vehicle and trailer payload is vital. You may ask yourself, with so many manufacturers and distributors out there, how do you know your trailer has been built to withstand the job? A simple and great way to know you’ve got a well-built trailer on your hands is to look for the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers (NATM) decal on the trailer itself, representing the highest quality of manufacturing concerning producing a safe product. Above all else, it is always best to consult your dealership and owner’s manual to ensure you have all the information you need regarding your specific trailer.

With so many ways to use a trailer, whether for work or play, the options when going to purchase one of your own can seem overwhelming. To make the process easier for yourself, take the time before going shopping to figure out what it is you want and need out of a trailer so you can navigate your way through the many options available.


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